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My classes resumed again today, and at one point our teacher wanted each of us to stand up and speak for about 3 minutes about the revolution and what we thought/felt.

Only two of us got up to speak, because the second person to get up, a guy called Ahmed, said things that left us all feeling very emotional and pretty much covered everything that could be said.

And because it's important, I want to save it here.

he actually went to tahrir
bunch of times
he talked about how all those people who died
how horrible that was
that each of them was our brother or father or neighbor or whatever
that he had a friend
who went to tahrir one day saying he was ready to die for his country
and he was killed that same day
and that he himself wished he had died in tahrir as well
that he used to be the type to not bother speaking up if he saw something wrong
b/c it was too much of a bother
like if a cab charged him extra he wouldn't say anything to avoid a confrontation
or if he saw something wrong outside he would move on and think "the next person will say something"
but that now he started being the one to speak up
that we all should speak up when we see something wrong, especially now
that we should never allow a dictator to rule over us again
and that if we don't make changes now the same thing will happen again
only there won't be protests every other day
and if we let another dictator rule over us then it's our own fault
b/c we're too cowardly to see it through all the way
in which case we deserve it and worse
that all the fathers who refused to let their grown offspring go to tahrir were wrong
b/c they are the reason we suffered 30 years under mubarak
b/c they refused to speak up
were too scared to
and that if something like this happens again in the future
and he has kids
he will take his kids to the protests himself
he got really emotional at one point and was all in tears and stuff
was really v v touching
and we had like a moment of silence for the ones who died
only the islamic version where we read the opening verse of the quran for the dead

The army wants to hold elections within 6 months. This time, I want to vote. Because this time it counts.
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